LE1503: Week 11: 20 October, 2014

 Essays are due in class in Week 12 – NEXT WEEK! Each group MUST bring their HARDCOPY to class. No excuses! So if your class is normally on Monday, your essay is due IN CLASS on Monday. If your class is normally on Tuesday, your essay is due IN CLASS on Tuesday; and so on.
2. Oops! Ms Melinda told her Monday students that the Referencing Test was next week. Of course it is the week after next (W13!). Sorry guys!
3. Homework. Do it!


1. Academic Writing 3A – Writing Conclusions

2. Academic Writing 3B – Narrowing a Topic

3. Academic Writing 3C – Review and Proof-reading


1. Lecture Notes – Print and read while listening to lecture

2. Homework

Last week’s HW answers (for anyone who missed them):



1. TOPICS, MAIN IDEAS & TOPIC SENTENCES: Essay structure practice.
2. GRAMMAR WEBSITE: Everyone needs extra grammar practice, right?
3. MANAGING YOUR GROUP: How to organise your group work.
4. GRAMMAR CHECKLIST: Avoid these common errors.
5. APA REFERENCING STYLE: Use an APA guide whenever you are unsure!


(1) - LE 1503 Replacement class 
(2) - LE 1503 Absence Request Form
 LE 1503 REPLACEMENT CLASS procedure
 If you can replace your class in the same week, ONLY complete the Absence Replacement Class  Form (1).
APA GUIDE – APA_Referencing_6th_ed
CALENDAR – Calendar 2014-2015
OUTLINE TEMPLATE – Outline Template – Use this document to submit your outline
ESSAY QUESTION - LE1503 Essay Topic August 2014
GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION –  LE1503 Rules & Information
LECTURE & ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE –   LE1503 Schedule for students 

Watch these short admin videos to understand basics about LE-1503.
Admin Video 1 – Attendance and Dropping
Admin Video 2 - Introduction to LE-1503
Admin Video 3 – Streaming too slow? How to download lectures


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